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    In August 2018, the City of Vancouver’s Department of Engagement and Communications launched WE Choo$e, Vancouver’s first participatory budgeting pilot project in the West End with the support of the Participatory Budgeting Project. Participatory budgeting is a process used in cities around the world to involve citizens in government spending decisions that impact or benefit them.

    Working as the Engagement Lead for the project, Stephen Irving brought together a group of community leaders and neighbourhood residents to form the WE Choo$e Impact Team, the community-led steering committee leading the project. After outreach to community in early 2019, the WE Choo$e Impact Team collected ideas on how to spend $100,000 to improve the West End community. The WE Choo$e Impact Team then recruited and trained Project Proponents to develop these ideas into viable project proposals.

    This project is ongoing and is expected to culminate in a community vote on the proposals in November 2019.

    Photography by Alison Boulier and Orange Pulp Projects.

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